Learn the basics of Software Development Python 2022

Software Development Python; One of the most important departments of computer science is software engineering, the discipline responsible for systems design and software development and development. As engineering goes through several stages, including: configuring software from its initial stages; problem analysis; design; software testing on hardware; Maintenance work; and modification. And in this article; we are going to provide you a complete course to learn software engineering in Python

Software world


Software engineering is a branch of engineering that works on designing and developing software in a deliberate manner by following the software development life cycle, which begins with understanding customer requirements, then analysis, design, testing, testing, documentation and program completion, with software production and maintenance; by applying the principles of project management and programming Cost management and other aspects.
Thus, the program includes a set of executable programs supported by program libraries and documentation. Software engineering results in simplified and reliable software. In this article we will talk about the future of software engineering.

Software Development  language


The Python programming language uses an interpreter. It supports object-oriented programming, and the strength of the language comes from the ease and simplicity of its code; so many programmers recommend it as a first choice for learning programming; in addition to the ability to combine this language with other languages ​​and tools and use it as an additional language for applications that need some programming interfaces.
It is also very powerful and can be used on all operating systems. In addition; it is a high-level language, which means that it is one of the languages ​​closest to human language; Some describe this language as reading lines from the English language. It is in contrast to lower level languages.
At that time, this language is considered integrated with the rest of the programming languages ​​and is derived from several languages.

Including C and C ++; this makes this language used in several areas; We will first introduce the areas in which Python is used; Then we list a number of resources where you can learn Python for free.

Areas of use of the Python language

Software Development Python is considered a general language because it is involved in many fields, and because it is an easy to understand and science language and is very diverse in its fields of use, this makes it the language of the present and the future and it will certainly continue to be used for a long time.

Here we will mention some areas in which Python is widely used:

Systems Programming


Web and Internet Development

Database Programming

Numeric and Scientific Programming

Network programming


Software & Game Development

Data Mining

Artificial Intelligence

Data Visualization

What adds to the Python language this strength is that it is used by the largest corporate giants in the world; including Google; where Python is used in search systems, and even YouTube has been programmed through the Python language.

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