Vision 2030 Hardware Software

​​The existence of a national training program for Vision 2030 Hardware Software is essential to unify efforts and achieve integration between government agencies in implementing training programs for employees in specific tracks that contribute to raising their productivity and achieving the goals of the vision in an efficient and effective manner. Improving the productivity of government employees in the future of Vision 2030 requires that the employee acquire new competencies that go along with the positive changes in the vision programs. In addition to the above, this initiative contributes to prioritizing training programs and the target groups that have the greatest impact on the success of the vision programs.

Vision 2030 Hardware Software

Vision 2030 Hardware Software

Saudi Vision 2030 Hardware Software

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched Vision 2030 Hardware Software on Monday, Rajab 18, 1437 AH corresponding to April 25, 2016.

This vision includes many programs that aim to advance the Kingdom.

 In addition, invest all the energies that citizens enjoy, as it aims to strengthen Islamic values.

 Citizens and the empowerment of national identity as well.

 Moreover, the vision includes several axes that include economic, social and other reforms.

How many programs are there in Vision 2030 Hardware Software?

The Kingdom’s vision for 2030 includes thirteen different programs.

 That seek to achieve the desired goals of this vision, which are the following programs:

Quality of Life Program:

 This program aspires to improve the living patterns of the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to build a balanced society in its way of life.

Financial Sector Development Program:

 This program aims to improve the financial market in the Kingdom.

 In addition to enabling government institutions to support the private sector and to enhance and enable financial planning.

Housing Program:

 Through this program, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to provide housing solutions.

This to various citizens in order to obtain housing that suits their living standards.

Fiscal Balance Program:

This program aims to diversify government revenues by maximizing revenues collected by the state from service fees.

 In addition to increasing revenues from various fees without imposing taxes on citizens’ income or property.

The National Transformation Program:

 This program seeks to distinguish government performance in the Kingdom and aims to improve health care.

 In addition, improve living standards for citizens, in addition to achieving food and development security as well.

Public Investment Fund Program:

This program aims to enhance the roles played by the Public Investment Fund and launch more new sectors through this fund as well.

Vision 2030 Hardware Software

Vision 2030 Hardware Software

Privatization Program:

 This program seeks to enhance the role of the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by liberalizing many state-owned assets in front of this sector.

National Companies Entrepreneurship Program:

This program motivates and enables many companies to rise from being a local company to a regional company or from a regional company to a global company.

National Industrial Development and Logistics Program:

 This program aspires to transform the Kingdom into a leading economic.

 In addition, industrial power in various sectors, with a focus on technical sectors.

Strategic Partnerships Program:

This program aims to enhance the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the regional.

 In addition, global levels by launching several strategic partnership programs in various fields.

Serving the Guests of Allah Program:

 Through this program, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to open the doors of Hajj to the largest number of Muslims each year.

Human Capacity Development Program:

 This program aims to improve the efficiency of education outputs in the Kingdom.

 In addition to increasing the efficiency of the outputs of various training institutions as well.

National Character Enhancement Program:

 This program seeks to enhance the national values ​​of the Saudi citizen by providing him with a system of values.

 ​​That are related to the history and legacy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Themes of Vision 2030 Hardware Software

Vision 2030 Hardware Software for the year 2030 is based on three main axes, which are the following:

Vital Society: Through Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia seeks to establish a vibrant society.

 That lives a decent and happy life on a solid basis of national values ​​and roots.

The booming economy:

 The booming economy is one of the main pillars of Vision 2030.

This by providing job opportunities and attracting more foreign investments.

The Ambitious Nation:

Vision 2030 aims to transition to an effective government characterized by transparency and accountability, with access to responsible citizenship.

Objectives of Vision 2030 Hardware Software

Many citizens of Saudi Arabia want to know the number of goals of Vision 2030 Hardware Software.

This after knowing how many programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 are as mentioned above.

The number of goals of Vision 2030 Hardware Software reached ninety-six different goals, including the following:

Enhancing the values ​​of perfection and discipline in the Kingdom.

Promote the values ​​of justice and transparency.

Providing high quality services for pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims.

Arabic care.

Strengthening national belonging and instilling national values ​​and principles.

Strengthening the protection of citizens against health risks.

Facilitating access to health services in the Kingdom.

Enhancing traffic safety levels.

Reducing all forms of pollution on the territory of the Kingdom.

Develop industries related to oil and gas.

In addition developing the digital economy in the Kingdom.

Developing regional economic relations.

Supporting major national companies to be among the world’s leading companies.

Improving the living conditions of expatriates in the Kingdom.

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